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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Collection 2013

By: Helena Lima

Hello Friends!!!!! 

Today I would like to invite you to come and see my creations for Easter. I have worked with Andressa Hara-Droham from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party. She is the sweetest girl ever. She is so creative and stylish that is incredible  Do be shy and go check out her site you will see what i'm talking about so graces, stylish and also fun...... You can see all that on her work and i had the  opportunity to work close with her on this project...... It was amazing

We have create some mini bunnies, carrot's lid jars and a large Chick dressed as a Bunny with bunny hats, booties and pom pom on his bum bum prop that looks great on any Spring / Easter Table.

Little message to my friend Andressa:


Thank you for the time you took making this mini shooting section with only my work. I'm so grateful for it. Love every single one.
You are amazing!!!!


Helena Lima

Please Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Pictures taken by Andressa Hara-Drohan. She is no a professional photographer but for sure she has a eye for it.

Photography Courtesy of Twinkle Twinkle Little Party.

Mini Bunnies

I have create this little bunny to show different expressions and poses. They are fun, happy and soooo cute.  They just make you smile. Isn't that right?? 

He is thinking: "Should i go it my carrot candy now or should i just enjoy myself a little more??"

i don't any carrot or candy will take him out of this fabulous over sized basket. LOL

Wink Wink at you my Dear!!!

Look all of them just happy for being. Love you my babies

Carrot's Jar Party Favor

Carrots .............. Carrots............. Carrots 

I need to find my glass........ i can find it.

If a little Thank you tag this is the most cute party favor. Totally reusable mini jar. To keep your little items where you know it should be.

Chick Dressed as Bunny

Here is my own creation of a Chick dressed as a Bunny. 

I was so happy when Andressa asked me to create this item for her Easter / Spring shoot.
As soon as she gave the project i when of with my Idea on paper and here it cames to life.

He is 12" tall and dressed as a bunny he has bunny hat, bunny booties and bunny pom pom on his bum bum. Really happy with the result. 

What do you think???

Where is my baby??

Close up!!!

Booties Detail

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